RevGen: Full Service Bundle

$1,250.00 / per transaction

There is also a tiered pricing option for phone calls! $2.50/call + $0.01/HTML sent


  • Customized data mining for 1 target audience file
  • 3 HTML Emails
  • 1 It’s Me 247 Message
  • 1 OBC Post
  • 1 Round Phone Calls (required each campaign)
  • Launch
  • Standard Reporting (at campaign’s end and +2 weeks)
  • Print available – request quote
  • Graphic Design ($75/hour)
  • Additional data mining/reporting ($100/hour)

Would you also like Asterisk Intelligence to provide analysis related to this product? Click HERE to view information about Asterisk Intelligence and how it benefits you. Let Xtend know if you’re interested!


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