My Virtual StrongBox – Kickstarter Option

$150.00 / one time fee

Additional $0.02 per email.


Xtend is pleased to partner with CU*Answers and Digital Mailer to bring you My Virtual StrongBox Kickstarter marketing.

Xtend is offering our credit unions 2 solutions to help them kickstart and continue to grow their My Virtual StrongBox member participation.  We suggest opting into both offerings.

Kickstarter Option:

This option includes 3 emails post-My Virtual StrongBox launch.  These emails will be timed a few weeks apart from one another and will encourage members to sign up for My Virtual StrongBox by providing details regarding the benefits of MVSB.  The emails will track the number of members who read and took action.  They are designed to encourage your members to enroll in My Virtual StrongBox today!

Would you also like Asterisk Intelligence to provide analysis related to this product? Click HERE to view information about Asterisk Intelligence and how it benefits you. Let Xtend know if you’re interested!


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