SRS Bookkeeping “A La Carte” Services

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SRS stands for “Shared Resources and Staff”. Although the SRS brand is most widely recognized for its portfolio of bookkeeping services, SRS is the overarching brand for our back office support offerings. SRS services include loan servicing, conversion support, plastics support, call report configuration, education and training, daily balancing and stand-in support. Each of these solutions leverages the toolset within CU*BASE as an extension of the credit union staff. This is our customized service, offering daily/weekly/monthly bookkeeping services for your credit union needs.


End of month services include:

  • Subsidiary processing such as investment processing, fixed assets/prepaids/accrued, etc., 90-day delinquent loan and negative share GL transfer

Other services are agreed upon between the SRS manager and the credit union.


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